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CMCpro-TY Press Release

Press Release

CMC Magnetics Corporation acquired the total manufacturing rights to Taiyo Yuden products in September 2015.

Taiyo Yuden were the inventors of the CD-R and focused on high-end professional product, which had led the market for many years.

CMC now offer the full product range, using Taiyo Yuden’s media IDs and their highly-specialized technologies in the manufacturing process and for quality control. This produces high quality disc products across the board, featuring stable high-speed recording, the highest reliability and widest compatibility across all drive types.

The company will aim it’s CMC PRO-TY products at the professional sector, including photographic, medical, legal, archival and publishing. The company will pursue a strategy of high quality and high reliability to maintain the largest market share in the professional sector.

Telford, UK 09/03/2017

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