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What is Duplication?


Duplication is the process of burning data to recordable media using professional duplication equipment. 


Golding primarily use CMCpro-TY media, the industry leaders, for in-house duplication orders.


CMCpro-TY discs are manufactured in Taiwan under the most stringent conditions to ensure consistent quality; they also have the widest recording and playback drive compatibility.



Media for Duplication


Our media includes the following:

• Inkjet

• Thermal Prism

• Thermal Re-transfer Everest

• Shiny Silver for Litho and Screen

• WaterShieldTM

• Business card media*

• 8cm media*

* silver and white inkjet


We can also provide anti-copy software and serialisation

When to Choose Duplication


Where production quantities are less than 500 pieces, it is cost effective to use our duplication service.


With our in-house facilities, we are able to offer a very fast turnaround and if required, very short runs.


We can also produce duplicated products in larger runs where replication would usually be used, if a faster turnaround is required.

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