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The most experienced replication facility in the UK. The CD is here to stay, which is why in 2013 we expanded into larger facilities with a custom-built CD / DVD plant.

Golding Products has a new plant based in Telford, UK. It is authorised and fully licensed by Phillips, Toshiba 6C and Mpeg.


Our plant list is as follows:


4 x Singlus Skyline CD Production lines

2 x Singlus Spaceline 2 DVD production lines


This machinery was installed into our new facility in 2013, in a purpose built clean room. Our Singlus machines are the market leaders in replication and offer the highest quality results. 


We pride ourselves on efficient production using our in-house production scheduling combined with quality control using DaTARIUS™ test equipment.


We encourage prearranged visits so you can experience first-hand the level of service and quality that we can offer.


Our purpose built facilities encompass energy efficiency as a priority. Our environmentally friendly cooling system uses a high-efficiency chiller and the latest LED panel lighting.

What is Replication?


Replication is an injection moulding process, as opposed to duplication which writes data to a pre-bought disc.

In Replication, a glass master is used to create a stamper in turn this then presses data onto the disc as they are being manufactured; this allows for fast, high volume production for larger quantities.

Our full production is controlled in house with the exception of glass masters, which we source within 24 hours from a leading glass master specialist in Europe.

Golding Products Quality Control


As a manufacturer and the UK's last independent replication plant - Golding Products is able to maintain strict quality control by carrying out all production in-house.


Our modern facility in Telford and uses the highest quality tools and media, to provide unrivalled quality control of your project from start to finish, all at a competitive price.


Our production capabilities focus on quality and service, offering value for money.


Quality process:


  • Every disc is inspected by a machine during the manufacturing proces

  • Quality is periodically checked throughout the job using DaTARIUSTM test equipment


NB. Please ensure that any masters that you provide are supplied on high quality media and error free, as any errors will be replicated onto each disc.

When to Choose Replication


We use replication for runs of a greater quantity than 500. We advise that for runs that involve multiple masters or for smaller runs, duplication would be a more cost effective option.


Generally, order lead times are between 5-8 days although a high-speed service with a guaranteed lead time of 5 working days can be offered as a premium service with a 15% surcharge.

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