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With the retro media resurgence in full swing, the audio cassette is in demand once more, not only does the cassette provide a character and feel often missing from more recent formats, less compression actually creates a higher quality, textured audio.


“First LPs and record players made a comeback – now the cassette tape is rewinding back into our lives. Music fans on both sides of the Atlantic are returning to the cassette two decades after they were replaced by the CD, and more recently digital downloads.” (Read full article: Daily Mail)

Golding Products present the full range of services when it comes to audio cassette tapes, we can offer full in-house print services as well as consolidation and fulfilment; including hand-packing, film wrapping, warehousing and distribution. For further information about our cassette product range and services, please contact our sales team.

Cassette Duplication


Golding Products can offer real time cassette duplication on high-quality cassette desks. We can ensure that maximum sound quality is obtained with our professional digital cassette duplication and digital mastering services.


Full colour J-Card printing


With our in-house printing suite, we have full printing and branding capabilities when it comes to packaging your product. We offer full-colour double sided J-Card inserts to compliment our library case packaging range.


Cassette Sticker Printing


As well as J-Card printing, Golding Products can provide full colour cassette labels (as pictured to the left)

On-body Cassette Printing

As an alternative to labels, Golding Products can now provide on-body print in any colour (single colour designs only). Unlike most manufacturers we provide this service in-house. This means a short turn-around time and strict quality control



 The Manufacturing Process


Digital loop bin duplication:
This gives the highest possible quality of duplication. Suitable for music and where the best result is needed.  This involves using a master to record to a pancake of audio tape.

Side A is recorded in normal direction and side B is recorded backwards onto the tape.
An inaudible cue tone is recorded at the start of each recording.
The programmed pancake is then loaded onto cassette winding equipment and cut, spliced and wound into the shell of the empty cassette.


  • This is all done at high speed, with professional automated equipment.

  • As all of this is done in house and you can visit by appointment to see your job being produced.

  • Constant and spot checks are done throughout the job run to check the quality stays at a high level.

  • You can rest assured you job is in safe hands as our team has more than 20 years’ experience with audio cassette manufacture.


Should you require a CD or DVD to go with your cassette then please ask as we have an extensive manufacturing facility on site for DVDs and CDs, able to manufacture all your media formats under one roof, keeping the carbon footprint of your job low.

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