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2014 Headlines (Archive)

  • New printer arrives to print directly onto USB's, Tins and C-shell etc. Instant dry high resolution full colour printing onto a full range of materials, like Stainless steel clips, Tin material, Polypropylene and ABS plastic with great results and scratchproof to!

2013 Headlines (Archive)

  • Vinyl is making a come back, click here to see more 
  • All office staff from the 11th will be working from the new building, please ensure you have our address correct on your systems, although we have set up a post forwarding service for the next three months. The 1st Litho printer has been moved along with the industrial inkjet printer, next in line is the 2nd Litho printer and the 2nd Screen printer
  • Production office staff and the accounts department move into the new building as the new phone system was installed. 

2012 Headlines (Archive)

  • Replication is now settled into the new building and all systems are go, the hole in the wall is now sealed, we are ready for whatever the run up to Christmas can throw at us. The print and packing hall is nearing completion, just waiting for the container to arrive from the Far East with the next batch of LED light panels. The mez is up for the office and the fire retardent divider is up between warehouse and office - can the office staff move over Christmas? Will BT install the new phone system in time?
  • With DVD Line 1 being decomissioned, all the testers have now moved and all replication has moved to the new site, 2 more machines to move into the replication hall, then we can block up the hole and improve the clean room environment.
  • The new DVD line is now fully comissioned and raring to go, being twice as fast and easier to set up, we will soon be looking to increase our market share of pressing - watch out for special offers comming soon.
  • 1st DVD5 order is pressed in the new site, just needs testing for DVD9 & 10 before we can strip down the DVD line in the old unit!
  • 1st CD job is pressed on CD Line 2, the 1st CD to be pressed in our new premises across the road - can't wait for the rest of the equipment to move so we can follow - The canteen is highly impressive! 
  • Goldings is pleased to now be able to offer every solution possible in the Media printing field. We are currently running 3 Screen printing machines along with a manual machine for screen printing Tins, C-shell and USB's, we have 2 Litho printers for recordable media, 2 engraving units for engraving Metals and plastics including USB's and Tins, resin badges in full colour of any size and shape. Today we have completed the set-up of our Digital Inkjet to add in a cheaper option of full colour printing and at the other end of the scale we have taken delivery of the Kammann Litho printer for exquisite colour on pressed Media. 
  • Kammann Litho printer has landed, just need some engineer time now to get it set up!




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